(internal and external trials noted)


# TDCC Junior High Performance Academy (Senior identification based program)

This Academy will consist of a group of approximately 12 TDCC Junior players (All age groups), and will be individually selected by the senior coaching staff of TDCC. The selection process will be based on the previous seasons performances and also at the discretion of the TDCC Senior coaching staff.

The purpose this academy is to identify promising younger players within the club and to work on specialist skills.

  • This academy will consist of multiple sessions over a three month period with ‘All of game skills’ including some 1stand 2ndgrade players input.



# TDCC Internal Club Junior Trials

Available to ‘Current’ U/11 to U/15 Age Groups


These internal trials are held at the start of the summer season, so that we can identify players to be sent to further representative trials. These trials will consist of Batting, Bowling (nets) and Fielding sessions.
  • U/11 – U/13 Age groups who are successful with selection, will be sent to the BNJCA trials for possible further selection into U/12 Casey Cup, U/13 Reevsie Cup and U/14 Anstey La Frantz cup.
  • U/14 – U/15 Age groups who are successful with selection, will be sent to the TDCC Lord Taverners / Development trials for possible further selection into the TDCC Lord Taverners / Development squad.
  • All players who are selected from the TDCC internal trials will also be included into the TDCC Junior Academy.



# TDCC Internal Junior Academy

The Junior academy is a program to help strengthen the skill level of future TDCC players.


  • This academy will consist of multiple sessions over a two / three month period with ‘All of game skills’.



# TDCC Lord Taverners / Development Trials for squad selection


Trials will consist of Batting, Bowling (nets) and Fielding sessions. A group of players will then be selected from these trials to play in further centre wicket ‘match scenario’ trial games. These centre wicket trials will be held over consecutive Sundays.


  • U/13 to U/15 Players from external junior clubs will be invited to these trials.
  • TDCC players who were selected from the previous September internal trials, are automatically included in these trials.



# TDCC ‘YOUNG BULLS’ Squad selection


This squad will be selected from all above trials and will also be based on past form from Saturday morning junior summer cricket.
The ‘Young Bulls’ team will be selected to play against other teams outside of the Greater Brisbane region. If possible, they will tour to other regional areas to play against other like for like teams.


  • U/12 to U/14 Player age groups.



Below are the summer season age groups available up on registration at TDCC Juniors. The summer season is split into to two half seasons. First half being from October to December. Second half being from January to March.

Junior Blasters (U/7 and below)

Junior Blasters is for boys and girls 5-7 years new to cricket with participants building their skills through fun, game based activities. The games are designed for small groups to ensure every child gets a go, allowing them to test and learn new skills. The session is run by Toombul coaches with parent participation very welcome. When participants have mastered the basics they are ready to graduate to the Master Blasters.

Master Blasters (U/8 & U/9) (Friday nights at TDCC Home grounds)

MASTER BLASTERS is super fun, social, safe cricket for boys and girls aged 7 to 10. The program is much shorter than traditional cricket, 12 over innings, 6 a side game over 75 minutes.

Junior Cricket Registration

U/10, U/11, U/12, U/13, U/14, U/15 & JUNIOR OPENS (U16 – U/18)
(Saturdays. Played throughout Northern Brisbane against other clubs within the Brisbane North Junior Cricket Association)